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About me

I’m currently an AI research engineer at Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center in Singapore (HMGICS). Previously, I did my PhD at the National University of Singapore under the supervision of Gim Hee Lee. Before that, I also worked several years in DSO National Laboratories, which is Singapore’s defence R&D organization. My research interest is in Computer Vision (particularly in 3D related topics, both deep and non-deep). To keep my sanity, my personal interests include consumer technology and photography.

I can be contacted at yewzijian at .


REGTR: End-to-end Point Cloud Correspondences with Transformers
Zi Jian Yew and Gim Hee Lee
CVPR 2022
[Paper] [Code]
Learning Iterative Robust Transformation Synchronization
Zi Jian Yew and Gim Hee Lee
3DV 2021
[Paper] [Code]
City-scale Scene Change Detection using Point Clouds
Zi Jian Yew and Gim Hee Lee
ICRA 2021
RPM-Net: Robust Point Matching using Learned Features
Zi Jian Yew and Gim Hee Lee
CVPR 2020
Robust Point Cloud Based Reconstruction of Large-Scale Outdoor Scenes
Ziquan Lan, Zi Jian Yew, Gim Hee Lee
CVPR 2019
[Paper] [Code]
3DFeat-Net: Weakly Supervised Local 3D Features for Point Cloud Registration
Zi Jian Yew and Gim Hee Lee
ECCV 2018
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